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Residential Camp Training Program

Residential Camp will begin on Sunday Lunchtime (8/9/15) and run through Thursday Afternoon (8/13/15). Throughout the week, all campers will participate in 17 training/games sessions; That's an amazing 30-hours of soccer!!! We'll follow an extremely active daily schedule that will be challenging, informative and ALWAYS with a ball. We plan to combine a very high level of coaching with an extensive stretching, injury prevention and wellness care. 

We also know that a happy camper is one that needs down time to rest and have fun away from the soccer field with their friends. We have built this into our program. Player / Team bonding is a vital part of our SSD camp experience.


  • Technique Development
  • Tactical Awareness and Development
  • Skill Development
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Physical Fitness Development
  • Specified Striker/Forward Training
  • Specified Goalkeeper Training
  • Pool Recovery Sessions
  • Pilates/Yoga instruction
  • PowerPoint presentations and game analysis in media auditorium
  • Seminar on Injury Prevention, Nutrition and Wellness



SSD's Residential Camp Program will ensure that players play BOTH small sided soccer games as well as 11 v 11 full sided soccer games each day, for full enjoyment and development.



Bonus Features

  • Newly renovated AIR CONDITIONED Dormitory
  • Theater Movie Experience
  • Daily outdoor Swimming Pool Sessions
  • Dorm Downtime to socialize and explore picturesque campus
  • Healthy Snack Bar