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In 1999 I founded our first ever Girls program. The U14 Lionesses were the first Eastern FC girls team that paved the way for future girls teams and successes.

As our girls program grew through the age groups and many of our players graduated to attend many great institutions. Maybe not every player graduated from the club to go on to play Varsity in college (many played club soccer), but the ability to combine the commitment of Premier soccer with outstanding grades at very tough Lower Fairfield County Schools and become eligible to enter the finest Universities/Colleges in the US is no mean feat. We are proud of all our graduates.

Thus we present our Eastern FC CT Alumni section of our web site in dedication to all the players that have played for the club. If you are an alumni and want to include your details to this section, please e-mail me at and provide me with your graduation year and college attended.

Thank you and best of luck with your futures. remember, don't be a stranger.

Danny Simpson
Eastern FC CT
Eastern FC CT Player Name    
First Last Eastern Team School Graduation Year
Shannon Colligan Cheetahs North Carolina State 2012
Erin Myers Cheetahs Vanderbilt University 2012
Jackie Avellar Bobcats Skidmore 2011
Amanda Benincasa Bobcats Boston University  2011
Julia Boulton Bobcats Penn State 2011
Courtney Callaghan Bobcats Boston College 2011
Allie Haid Cheetahs Villanova 2011
Meghan Hayden Bobcats University of Richmond 2011
Georgie Highton Bobcats Virginia Tech 2011
Emily Johnston Bobcats Lesly University 2011
Courtney Marin Bobcats Bucknell 2011
Victoria Martinez Bobcats University of Delaware 2011
Emily Melick Bobcats Tufts 2011
Maddy More Bobcats Harvard University 2011
Haley Norrgard Bobcats Hobart-William Smith 2011
Peggy O'Hara Bobcats Western Ct State 2011
Sara Rosenband Cheetahs Middlebury 2011
Andrea Stephens Bobcats Colorado College 2011
Caroline  Figgie Cougars Davidson 2009
Regan Marin Lynx Bryant University 2009
Elizabeth Niehaus Lynx Dartmouth 2009
Kristina  Patrk Cougars Bucknell 2009
Stacy Buzzetto Cougars Drexel University 2009
Caroline  Boulton Cougars Colgate 2008
Michelle Furest Cougars Nova Southeastern  2008
Maggie McKeever Cougars Princeton 2008
Julia More Cougars Brown University 2008
Emily Niehaus Jaguars Dartmouth 2008
Catherine Ogden Cougars Western CT State 2008
Christine  Palmieri Cougars Quinnipac University 2008
Dana Roberts Cougars Hamilton University 2008
Christine  Swingler Cougars UVA 2008
Rebecca Assing Pumas New York University 2007
Samantha Cohen Pumas American University 2007
Vanessa Cohen Pumas Auburn University 2007
Joanna Fier Pumas Hamilton College 2007
Josie Hubschman Pumas Brown University 2007
Emma Karlin Pumas Univ of Southern Cal 2007
Claire Lorentzen Pumas Stanford University 2007
Caroline  Meyers Pumas Middlebury  2007
Elizabeth Tone Pumas Colgate University 2007
Kaitlyn Borrelli Panthers Elmira 2006
Brittany  Callaghan Panthers Hobart-William Smith 2006
Marika Dychencke Panthers Middlebury  2006
Susan Garnett Panthers St Lawrence University 2006
Kaitlin Harmon Panthers Dickinson University 2006
Carly Sousa Lionesses Colgate 2004
Maggie  McDonald Lionesses Harvard 2004
Virginia Woolworth Lionesses Princeton 2004