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2021 Summer Results
by posted 08/02/2021

Super Y 2021 CPSSC  G2005/06 RED Team

Results and Video Footage


Saturday June 19th 2021

Game ONE v Morris Elite

HOME: Holy Child School, Rye, NY

SCORE: 5 - 1 

Goal Scorers: Cassie (Maddy), Elizabeth (Adrianna), Grace (Lilly), Grace (Cassie), Maddy (Cassie)

VEO 1st half: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210619-super-y-g-red-v-morris-elite/

VEO 2nd half: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210619-super-y-g-red-v-morris-elite-2nd-half/


Sunday June 20th 2021

Game TWO v Union

AWAY: Volunteer Park, Union NJ

SCORE: 3 - 1 

Goal Scorers: Maddy (Grace), Maddy (Grace), Lynette (Romi)

VEO Whole Game: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210620-super-y-g-red-v-union-whole-game/


Saturday June 26th 2021

Game THREE v Union

HOME: Holy Child School, Rye, NY

SCORE: 7 - 0 

Goal Scorers: Adrianna (Romi), Cassie (Grace), Cassie (Melanie), Romi, Cassie (Ella), Grace (Carmie), Beatrice (Cassie)

VEO Whole Game: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210626-super-y-g-red-v-union-whole-game/


Saturday July 17th 2021

Game FOUR v Morris Elite

AWAY: Madison, NJ

SCORE: 7 - 0 

Goal Scorers: Cassie (Maddy), Paige (Ella), Alessandra (Cassie), Paige (Cassie), Alessandra (Cassie), Romi (Maddy), Grace (Alessandra)

VEO Whole Game: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210717-girls-super-y/


Thursday July 22nd 2021

Game FIVE v Cedar Stars

HOME: Mater Salvatoris, Stamford, CT

SCORE: 8 - 0 

Goal Scorers: Grace (Adrianna), Grace (Cassie), Grace (Maddy), Grace (Adrianna), Maddy (Cassie), Grace (Maddy), Romi (Grace), Lynette (Romi), 

VEO Whole Game: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210722-girls-super-y/



Saturday July 24th 2021


AWAY: Plainview, LI

SCORE: 10 - 1 

Goal Scorers: Grace (Maddy), Cassie (Maddy), Grace (Elizabeth), Cassie (Elizabeth), Lynette (Maddy), Maddy (Alessandra), Cassie (Grace), Ella (Adrianna), Grace (Adrianne), Chloe (Grace)

VEO Whole Game: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210724-girls/


Tuesday July 27th 2021

Game SEVEN v CPSSC White

HOME: Mater Salvatoris, Stamford, CT

SCORE: 1 - 1  

Goal Scorers: Cassie (Elizabeth),  

VEO Whole Game: https://app.veo.co/matches/20210727-2021-07-27-223318/


End of season record: Pld 7, W6, D1, L0, Pts = 19 Scored 41, Conceded 4

North Atlantic 05/06 Regional League Champions!!!  


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