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by posted 10/13/2021

Hi all,


I hope everyone is having a great week.  I’d like to thank everyone in getting the boys to Farmington for the games in good time, I know it’s a long drive so It’s much appreciated.

That being said we did have several players miss game 2 and 3. I know the boys have busy lives, but I wasn’t aware several of the boys had to attend a Bar mitzva till after the game. I have no problem with players being unavailable for family or religious events but I need to know in plenty of time so we can arrange cover.


On Saturday the boys were fantastic. Beachside are a quality team but our boys played some beautiful soccer and showed they can play at a high level when everyone is in attendance. Game 2 was also a physically tough match but again the boys showed good resilience in getting the win. Those two wins meant the boys finished top in the bracket and I will have the medals for them tonight.


Sundays game did not count as a tourney game. Originally a team dropped out so the organizers had us up against our own CP Atalanta state team. I asked them to change this as I wanted the boys to have a proper challenging game if we must drive and play at 8am.  As it turned out with so many players missing, such an early kick off it was a very tough game. FSAs top team were very good however I believe if we had everyone available with a later kick off time we could have made a game of it.


Overall, the boys have shown this season that we have a talented group and can play and win at this level.  This Sunday we have an 8 am kick off in Long Island. I have tried to move the game later but unfortunately they can’t accommodate.

We need a full complement of players so please advise if your son can play or not ASAP.


Thanks for your continued support.






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