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End Of Season Review
by posted 06/14/2022

Hi all, I hope this find you well.


It has been a really enjoyable but challenging year for the boys.  Throughout the year the boys   had some very good performances against top opponents. Winning the indoor league was a particular highlight for the boys and it shows the talent that we do have within the group, when we have a full quota of players available. The level of the outdoor league was in my opinion ideal for our boys. Each game really stretched them and there were no easy games. Some of the teams we faced are state champions of NY and CT respectively, so it is a good level for the boys to grow. The main issue/ theme for the year was the difficulty in getting everyone available for the games.  At this level we just cant afford to be missing any strong players from the line up and expect good results.  Overall, even with players missing I was pleased with how the boys  stuck with it, and played hard with players missing.  From an individual development standpoint playing in these better leagues v stronger players will only help prepare the boys for high school soccer next year.

Spring season proved to be tough with some covid issues and several injuries to players, but again the boys still managed to find a way to compete and give their best.


 This pre high school year is notoriously the most difficult year to coach a boys team. The changing in hormones and desire to fit in well amongst peers, find their place within the team can be a challenge for the young players. Behavior at times can change and times this year we have had a few little issues with that but it’s not uncommon in these age groups. Freshman year can be another difficult time as it’s a huge change both physically and psychologically for the boys as they navigate a new school with new peers.


Looking ahead to the fall it’s important that all the players find a team or level where they feel confident and can contribute to the team. Generally, the boys who reach puberty last, will struggle so we must show patience and allow these players time to develop and grow. Most B teams have many players who are physically behind not necessarily skill wise. As they get to sophomore/junior years in high school it will even itself out. The only way to improve is to train well and play as many games as possible. No player gets better on a bench.

We did have a very good summer tryout with several strong players showing good interest to play. There will be another tryout in the fall and this is usually a very big tryout after the high school season has ended.

We anticipate it will be a very strong team come November.

 Lastly thank you parents in getting the boys to training and games as best you can. I know we have many players with siblings and in schools that demand a lot of extra studying etc. and the traveling to games etc can be tough on family time.

Big thank you to Mireya for being team manager. It can be a very difficult job at times, but we are very thankful she stepped up to help the boys.



I hope as many of the boys can come to the awards night as possible, and I will look forward to seeing them tonight.


Thanks, Ross





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