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Change Team: 
Practice Thursday 6 to 715 CP
by posted 06/14/2022

Hi all, i would like as many boys as possible to train this Thursday in CP 6 to 715. 

Please let us know ASAP if your son can attend 



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End of Season Review
by posted 06/13/2022

Hi all, I hope this find  you well.

It has been a really enjoyable year watching the boys play. They had some very good performances against top opponents. The level of the league was in my opinion ideal for our boys. Each game really stretched them and there were no easy games. That being said I was very disappointed with the level of the memorial tournament, and I have let the directors know that they must do a better job in evaluating the levels of the teams.

 Even in the defeats  our boys really took a lot of the concepts from training into games.  The AC   and  DUSC typified where the boys are at right now. Both State champion level  teams of NY and CT . Both games for large parts our boys dominated the possession with good shape and passing through the thirds creating several good chances to score.  But ultimately lost the games.  The confidence and poise from our back players to take the ball off our goalkeeper and build attacks through our midfielders has grown game on game. It was a real joy to watch at times.  There is no doubt I could set the boys up “safer” to concede less by staying deeper and advising them to kick it long, but we are trying to allow growth. Repetitions, decision making, opportunities to dribble and beat players are all vital for young players to grow and improve.  We always look at the performances over the results with the kids both individually and collectively.

The boys are going through a huge period of growth in life right now. This year and especially next year are usually the toughest years to coach boys as they are reaching or experiencing puberty. Behavior issues are not uncommon, mood swings, loss of balance, dips in athletic ability are all things we must look for and show support to the young player when it occurs. It’s also the time of the soccer merry go round. I know there are some clubs who will call and recruit children. That is a huge red flag and it’s the sort of behavior that does the children no good at all. Ask yourself what happens if your child goes through a dip in form, or  is just not playing well, is that same coach calling up another player to replace your son during the year.? The answer is yes and its unethical at best to treat young children in this way.  Right now, our group is in a very good spot. We have lots of talent that has huge room to grow and develop. We get to train at one of the best indoor facilities in the country. In winter when clubs can’t train because of snow or bad weather, our boys train x2 and play every weekend in the indoor leagues and tournies. Repetitions and volume of training sessions are huge in these key age groups.

We do have a good relationship with the MLS next clubs and when I feel a player is 100 percent ready to start and play regularly at that next level we try to facilitate an option for the player to try it. We also have options to allow players to train with older teams within CP, when possible, again to challenge when I see players are ready, it can help them grow. It can also have the opposite effect if it’s premature, so we must be very careful with “playing up”


Lastly big thanks to you all for getting the boys to games and training, as a new dad i now have a better apprecaition of the sacrifces you all make on your weekends off to get to games in a timely manner. Also huge thanks to Kelly and Mike for keeping us all on point with the schedule and team admin.  


I hope as many of the boys can come to the awards night as possible, and I will look forward to seeing them.

Thanks See you all soon





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