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by posted 01/11/2022


We are excited to announce that we will be officially merging the '04 and '05 teams to create one larger team. Given our numbers, we will now break into three groups based on positions. This is to ensure we have equal numbers at each game, and all players get a chance to play a large amount. 
- If you are unable to make a game, please find someone in a corresponding position from the "off" team and ask them to cover for you. If you can't find anyone, reach out to Coach Abbey or Julia. The earlier you can do this the better! 
- If for some reason you were left off the below roster, please email us ASAP 
- Please reach out to Coach Abbey or Julia with any questions or concerns. 
(colors have no correlation to uniform)
Bell will be our goalie for all games. 
Blue Green Red
Stella (F) Kaitlyn (F) Sophie (F)
Amalie (M) Lily (M) Zoe (M)
Denise (M) Ava (M) Sophia (M)
Ceci (D) Lilyanne (D) Nicola (D/M) 
Ella (D) Andrea (D) Anna (D)


*This does not ensure you will be playing the position listed for each game, this is just so we have a somewhat equal amount of offensive and defensive numbers at each game*

Game 1/15 (waiting to be confirmed) Blue + Green
Game 1/23 Green + Red
Game 2/5 Red + Blue
Game 2/12 Blue + Green
Game 2/26 Green + Red
Game 2/27 Red + Blue 



Abbey Lake & Julia Allain

c: 203-246-5395 

c: 508-367-1834

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Elizabeth Melucci 
Asst Coach 
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