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Game report # 2
by posted 11/07/2019

Game 2 : Shoreline F.C. Juventus vs Fairfield United

Venue : Fairfield

Date : 09/15/19

Time : 4:00

Result : 0-3

It was definitely not what we were expecting after our Saturday’s match. However I would like to highlight the positives and learn from our negatives.
Positive: Commitment and communication from parents and manager has being amazing, having most of our players at every match would not only give them the opportunity to enjoy the game but to learn from it. 
The more minutes they get to be together and competitive against the best premier  teams there are at their age, would bring our boys maturity and experience for the future.
After giving away four goals at the tournament by set pieces (corner kicks and free kicks) after going over this topic the boys have a better understanding on how to approach this key situations throughout the game. This is definitely a plus and we would like to be very consistent on this. So far so good. We are also gaining some confidence on building the game from the back but there are plenty of work to be done.
Negative: Endurance and strength is something that we are lacking on as we can see from our last two opponents. It’s something that we will get better with time and hard work. As you parents probably noticed I had rotated players at different positions and there is a reason for it, I’d like to find out where we can get the best out of boys. It could be a bit confusing or challenging for them but there’s nothing better than an smart player that understand his role but it’s always willing to work in a different role in case of need.
Once I get enough feed back from our players and see what formation fits best for our team. We will then see only minor changes to our formation and players.
We would like to thank everyone, and we are looking forward to keep improving.


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Game report # 8
by posted 11/07/2019

Game 8 : Shoreline FC Juventus vs Inter CT

Venue : Greenwich Catholic

Date : 11/02/19

Time : 3:30

Result : 4-2

Scores : Danny (2), Max (1), Diagho (1)

Report: Another good game played by Juventus. We started the game with the same formation 1-2-4-2 however I rotated and gave a couple of players the opportunity to start. Having different options and giving our players the mentally that everyone has special quality and if working hard anyone can start at any game and still have a chance to win. Both teams had a similar game plan, build the game of the back. Inter scored first, but Juventus straight back with a opportunistic situation where Danny took advantage of their defender’s mistake and took a shot on goal. Danny would come back to score the second goal 5 minutes after and was so close to score a hat trick, however he missed a penalty kick. This was the second time that the opposite side show signs of playing of the back and we did a pretty good job on pressuring high however we were not quick enough and could had taken more advantage of their mistakes. We finished the first half 2-1.
Second half, we pressure high and we took advantage of our chances right away, everyone had a chance to play and share their minutes on the field. Once again I rotated players and gave opportunities to our players to keep gaining confidence as well as figuring out what we need to improve.

Well done boys! We needed a win and it was a deserved one.

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Game report # 7
by posted 11/07/2019

Game 7 : Shoreline FC Juventus vs Fairfield United

Venue : Greenwich Catholic

Date : 10/26/19

Time : 4:30

Result : 0-6

Report : in spite of the result, we played a very good first half where we created, possessed and dominated the opposite side. We had two clear opportunities to jump ahead on the score instead we allowed Fairfield to beat us on counter attack, where their goalkeeper kicked a long ball, which we couldn’t challenge the first or second ball and let their forward take a shot outside the 18 and scored. We finished the first half 0-1, not a result that we were expecting.
During half time we went over what we did well and we understood that we need to capitalize our scoring opportunities.Our game plan was to finish our chances however we received a second goal by a corner kick in the first 5 minutes of our second half and we were never the same after that. We allowed three goals from 20 yard away and two goals from corner kicks. As much as this one hurt, I reminded our boys that we beat ourselves by not defending set pieces and not taking advantage of our chances as well as not pressuring quick enough not to allow easy shots on goal. Fairfield is a very aggressive team and I look forward to play again, we will improve on how to take care of long balls as well as finishing our chances.

A tough lesson to learn from but we will bounce back.

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Game report # 6
by posted 11/07/2019

Game 6 : Shoreline FC Juventus vs South Central
Venue : CT Sportsplex
Date : 10/20/19
Time : 12:00
Result : 2-2
Scores : Nicholas, Jackson
Report: another good performance, against a very good South Central team which brings great memories from past battles. 
We started the game slow and part of that had to do with not having everyone arriving on time due to traffic in 95.
It took about 10 minutes to set ourselves in the field and started playing our game, we played every ball from the back and posses the ball. Coach Ross did a great Job by adjusting the game plan by starting a 1-2-4-2 and changed it to a 1-3-4-1. Keeping a strong defensive plan.
It was a good challenge and look forward to play this team again.
Great battle boys and thank you Ross for covering this game for me.

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Game report # 5
by posted 10/10/2019

Game 5: Shoreline FC Juventus vs CFC Valley
Venue: CFC field
Date: 10/05/19
Time: 11:00
Result: 2-4
Scores: Two goals Diago Cerna

Report: going to this game, we had high expectations to repeat our last performance and were very excited to challenge the only undefeated team in our division CFC Valley.
Our expectations were met and we were challenged all around, it was a well played game where I believe Juventus had a great start and created more scoring opportunities than the opposite side.
We had a great first half and everyone had a chance to get some minutes, participated and showed how much they’ve improved. Once again, our game plan was the same to build the game from the back, connect passes and try to control the game which we had some success at times but we would need to be more consistent on possessing the ball.
We can definitely see our boys gaining more confidence with themselves and with their teammates. It was definitely a fun game to coach and to evaluate where do we stand against our competition, I can honestly said that boys looked good. Well done boys.
Columbus tournament is our next goal.

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Game report # 4
by posted 10/10/2019


Game 4: Shoreline FC Juventus vs Ginga FC

Venue: Greenwich Catholic

Date: 9/28/19

Time: 5:30

Result: 6-5

Scores: John Guza 3, Luke Chacon, Nicholas Imbrogno, Max Stanbisky.

Very positive and motivating weekend. The boys played a such high competitive game vs an always difficult club Ginga FC. From the beginning we wanted to execute our game plan to play quick, to posses the ball, play direct if needed and build up the game from the back. On defense, we wanted to pressure high to force the opposite team to make mistakes or to play long balls which we were successful however long balls seems to be a struggle for us however, we will be working on this are to improve.We knew it was going to take a big effort fromeveryone to keep up with this team, specially after having an earlier game. It was definitely a fun game to coach, both teams played with their hearts but I believe we created a few more scoring opportunities than Ginga FC.

We walked out of the field feeling that we are in right track and boys were very happy with a well deserved WIN to keep believing in themselves and our work plan.

Next challenge undefeated CFC. 

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Game report # 3
by posted 09/24/2019

Game 3: Shoreline FC Juventus vs Inter CT
Venue: All Saints School
Date: 9/21/19
Time: 2:00 pm
Result: 2-2
Scores: 2 goals by John Guza

After spending the week on building everyone’s confidence while possessing the ball and giving the boys different options on how to build the game from the back and how to connect the ball from defense to offense. I believe the message was well taken by everyone and they showed some progress and confidence. We worked on letting our forwards know that we rather lay the ball off to our midfielders while having the goal in our backs in order to look for the space or to look for a give and go, this would allow usto attack the goal while using the space, speed and skill. On defense, we asked the boys to stay organized and to have a quick release of the ball to an open player.
We definitely showed some progress all around the field starting from our both goalkeepers all the way to our left forward. We had plenty of moments during the game were the boys showed confidence and were able to figure out how connected and do a bunch of combination plays. It was great to see the boys executing and performing the game plan as well as they did.
We didn’t allow any goals on set pieces but we can definitely do better on when it’s our time to take advantage of set pieces.
We will continue to work, this week we will focus on how to defend as a team (pressure, cover and balance) as I believe our next opponent will be a great challenge. 
Thank you for your time.

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